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Randomize hypothesis between participants (Builder)

OS : Win 10
PsychoPy version : 1.85.2

Dear PsychoPy Users,

in my experiment about Demand Characteristics I want to show each participant one of three hypothesis/introductory texts before the experiment starts.
I have three different hypothesis, each participant should see one of them and then go on with the experiment which is identical for everyone. It should also be saved in the data output file which hypothesis was shown to the participant.
I tried to do it with an excel file and “set every repeat” but since I do not loop over the Introduction since I only want one to appear, this did not work. What else could I try?

Thanks a lot in advance!


Hi Réka.

Set your loop around this initial routine to random. Insert a code component on that routine and put something like this in the “end routine” tab so that the loop will finish after just one repetition:

if name_of_your_loop.thisN == 0: # at the end the 1st (ie zeroth) trial, 
    name_of_your_loop.finished = True # terminate the loop

This will happen automatically.

Thanks a lot, that works perfectly! :slight_smile: