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Randomization of blocks with the same incentives but with different numbers of presentations

Hi. sorry in advance for my english. I’m trying to present sound with number. Below I will leave a picture with the design. Now I am doing the first block by reading the article “Blocks of trials and counterbalancing” Blocks of trials and counterbalancing — PsychoPy v2021.2
I created a file chooseBlocks.xlsx which contains files thirteen.xlsx, nine.xlsx,five.xlsx
But the fact is that in the experiment we use only single digits (0-9), so there are five in the file.xlsx - (0-9 digits) in the file nine.xlsx (0-9 digits) and in the file thirteen.xlsx (two times from 0-9 digits so that the values were more than 9). Correspondingly, 5.9 or 13 digits from 0 to 9 should be randomly presented in the blocks. Therefore, the article mentioned above does not quite help me, because I have not different incentives, but the same audio tracks with numbers from 0- nine. Can you please help me, I’m new to psychopy. The question is how can the same incentives be presented in different numbers, but so that after presentation it starts all over again (only three times, according to the design)?