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Randomisation problem with multiple conditions

Hello everyone,

I am here because of the coronavirus, I can’t pass my experience in face-to-face. My teacher therefore recommended Psychopy to me to be able to create my questionnaire online, but I have a problem. Already, I don’t know much about programming, but I know some basics thanks to youtube now (but I can’t make my conditions random)

My research is about the evaluation of the credibility of a testimony by crossing the type of question and inconsistencies in several scenarios.

With a complete plan, I arrive at 32 possible scenarios!
My experience should go like this:

Each participant should see 2 different scenarios (one with contradiction and the other with reminiscence). first they see a scenario, then answer a questionnaire and then they will see the second scenario and a second questionnaire arrives.

how can i make all my conditions random?
for example :
Participant 1: scenario 1 with open questions and without reminiscence first, then scenario 2 with closed questions and with contradiction

Participant 2: scenario 1 with closed questions without contradiction, then scenario 2 with closed questions without reminiscence

Participant 3: scenario 1 with open questions without reminiscence, then scenario 2 with open questions without contradiction


I know how to implement my different possibilities of scenarios in Psychopy but I don’t know how to make everything random (maybe with programming?)

Thank you in advance for your answers, apologizing for the possible spelling errors because, to make it even more fun, I am a French student!

Good day / evening