Random without consecutive faces from prime to target

Hello everyone,
Do you know if it is possible to:

  1. make sure that the target face doesn’t appear twice in a row
  2. make sure that it is never the same face that is shown from the prime to the target
    all of this online!
    For now, I have an Excel file with on the same line a prime and a target which are the same, but I need to make sure that they are never the same and I don’t see an option.
    I need to put this study online after and wonder whether it will be possible to do this online, it seems like randomizing without consecutive orders requires pandas, which is not readable by JS…
    How would you do that?


you might want to take a lot at the demos by @wakecarter, complex randomisation and independent randomisation

Best wishes Jens

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Thank you Jens, I will check it out and come back if necessary with questions!