$randint not working on pavlovia

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Description of the problem:
I want a line to be randomly oriented each trial. I achieved this in the builder by adding “randint(1,360)” to the Layout->Orientation field of the line.
Testing it in Psychopy works but in Pavlovia I get the error " ReferenceError: randint is not defined"

How can I randomly orient something in Pavlovia?

Thanks in Advance!

The issue is that you have put randint(1,360) into a component not a code component.

Set a variable in Begin Routine of keyNudgeRot and use that.

Thanks, that worked!

Now the problem is that the buttons do not properly show in pavlovia and if I click on one I get the error: " * TypeError: setting getter-only property “numClicks”".
I understand buttons are a beta feature, does that mean they dont work on Pavlovia at all yet?

Buttons don’t work online yet. I got that error when updating the Wisconsin Card Sorting test, so I resorted to an image.

Thanks, thats a good work around.

Thanks so much for the help!