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Pyxid module crash


I try to use the pyxid module. My development PC has no XID device connected.
When I import the module and run get_xid_devices() in Python in a Windows Powershell, the function returns an empty array.

However, when I run the same code in PsychoPy, PsychoPy crashes and needs to reboot.
Any solutions or workaround?


import pyxid


Can anyone comment on this?

What error messages are produced?

Hi Michael,

I just figured it out by looking in the pyxid code and adding some print statements to see where the problem occurs.
I installed a virtual serial port bridge using com0com which is the source of the crash.
Removing the virtual port fixed the issue.
I tracked down the crash in at the con.flush_input() statement right after the statement in the detect_xid_devices function.