PsychoPy preferences for reloading previous files not working

I have a script I wrote in Coder that I want to automatically pre-load whenever I open up PsychoPy, to save time having to click on ‘Open File’ and locating the file. This is to try to save time for a site who are running my task. However, when ticking the ‘reload previous files’ option in Coder Preferences, and saving, (I’ve also ticketed auto save prefs), the Editor still shows as blank when starting up PsychoPy. Other preferences save normally (e.g. choosing whether Builder/Runner/Coder Windows open, or whether to show start-up tips), but the ‘reload previous files’ does not seem to.

I’ve tried entering the below code and the option seems to have been recognised:

from psychopy import prefs

prefs.coder['reloadPrevFiles'] = True

I’ve also tried saving the script in different locations and setting the working directory, but Editor still shows as blank when I open PsychoPy.

I’m using the newest v2023.1.2 version of PsychoPy.

Any advice would be appreciated!