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Psychopy for first time in Linux

Hi. I am a newcomer to psychopy. I am using psychopy for the first time in linux. After hitting the psychopy icon to launch it, my screen becomes gray with some white dots dancing and then I got a “First run report” saying the following:

pyglet avbin import error Warning: could not import avbin; playing movies will not work
background processes Dropbox … Warning: Some background processes can adversely affect timing

What should I do?

  1. If you don’t need movies, don’t worry.
  2. If you do want to show movies, one of the other non-avbin backends may work for you anyway.
  3. You can keep using DropBox if you are just trying out PsychoPy but you should not be running it (or other possible resource-hungry background tasks) on the system that is actually running your experiment.

Thanks Michael, The problem is that psychopy closes itself and no matter how many times I try to open the software it always behaves the same way: First, the screen turns gray, second, white dots appear and then the software shuts down…