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Psychopy crashes during loading


When I loaded Psychopy on our lab’s computer, it crashed and the window disappeared at the step of “creating frames”. There was no error message. I tried to reinstall and it didn’t fix the problem. Psychopy used to run perfectly on this very computer before and I was told that there wasn’t any change made to the computer.

If anyone could shed some light on this issue I would really appreciate it!

Did you read the troubleshooting page in the documentation?

we fixed our problem by following the suggestion of this post >>> Why would psychopy not be activated on the screen?

So the window was just not visible? Ok. Out of interest did this happen after removing a second screen?

We only have one screen for that computer.

To chip in to the discussion, my centrally managed PC recently got an MS update (for WIN7) and exhibited the same behaviour straight away with another application…it may be windows rather than psychopy problem…and yes I had a second monitor hooked up