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Program doesn't show my videos

Hello! I’ve built an experiment in psychopy v. 1.90.2 that shows a list of videos to the participant. But when I tried to run the same experiment in a computer with v. 1.82.1 it didn’t work. If I update the version of the program, the other experiments that people made with v. 1.82.1 will run normally?

Probably, but you’ll have to try it and see.

There were a few changes between 1.82.1 and 1.90.2 having to do with movie file presentation specifically, which might explain why you’re having trouble with that. Unless the experiments that people were running on 1.82.1 use movies as well, or a very narrow set of other functions (eye-tracking I think changed slightly), they should work the same.

Worst-case scenario you can revert back to 1.82.1.