Problem with creating two groups with showing vids in both groups in random order

MacOS Monterey
PsychoPy Version v2021.2.3

Dear PsychoPy Community :sun_with_face:,

In the following experiment…

  1. I would like to make two groups showing different videos. BOTH Group A and B should be randomized internally:

Group A (randomized internally): test_ad_1_fib_normal + sour_2_flens + test_ad_2_lieferando_manipuliert

Group B (randomized internally): test_ad_1_fib_manipuliert + sour_2_flens + test_ad_2_lieferando_normal

Just for understanding the way of the experiment:

First step: instr_werbefilme -
Second step: sour_toothy -
Third step: Group A or Group B -
Fourth step: sour_3_telekom and so on…
First, second and fourth step shall remain unaffected, just third step (how to create the groups) is what I’m searching for.

  1. How can i make the ANT (second part of the experiment) experiment mobile usable, maybe with arrows and spacebar display where the participants can also click on it on a touchdisplay?

  2. Is a correct feedback in ANT accordingly for mobile use with above in 2. mentioned icons possible?

If I may provide any more information to get to the solutions, please let me know!

Here is the link to the experiment:

I appreciate any help and have a nice day!

Best wishes,


Screenshot two planned groups in the flow (Red is group A, Black is group B):

Hi Milos,

with 2 and 3 I can’t help you, but 1 is easy to do. Copy the following files to the experiment directory and have a look. Before running it, you have to compile the js script.

MovieListA.xlsx (7.8 KB)
MovieListB.xlsx (7.8 KB)
untitled.psyexp (58.2 KB)

Let me know if anything is not clear to you.
Best of luck with your study!

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Hi Ajus,

first of all thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate :blush:!!! I did all you said, but in the MovieLoop Properties the condition $MovieList is not defined (No parameters set/ conditionsfile not found). I will attach the error-message and the screenshot of the MovieLoop Properties.

Any clue?

Thanks again!

Best wishes, Milos



Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/Users/milos/Desktop/merged_ex/”, line 475, in
NameError: name ‘MovieList’ is not defined

Experiment ended.

Did you input a participant number at the start? That’s necessary for the MovieList to get defined. Sorry, I did not say that before.

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Ah no, that does not seem to be the problem. For me it also runs, when I don’t enter a participant number.

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Ah, now I see. You ran the psychopy version, right? But if you want to run it online and on smartphones you need to run the js version. I only defined MovieList in js. So you have to run the experiment by “Send to Runner” → “local debug mode”.

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Still not working -_- … I just uploaded/ synced the latest version with your files in it… Here the link: untitled [PsychoPy]

Could you please be so nice and take another look at it? Appreciate your help a lot!!!

Latest error-message in PsychoPy (with participant no.):

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/Users/milos/Desktop/Mo 15.00 IU/merged_ex_alte_version/”, line 578, in
NameError: name ‘MovieList’ is not defined

Experiment ended.

Latest error-message screenshot in PsychoPy via “Send to runner → local debug mode” (with participant no.):

Latest error-message screenshot online (with participant no.):

Thank you!

Best wishes,


Hi Milos,

it seems like you changed a lot of things from the last version to this one. As far as I can tell, you changed multiple file names and probably got confused with the two versions of the experiment that were in the directory. When programming an experiment, make sure to only change things incrementally and test whether everything works after each significant change. Especially, if you’re not yet very experienced with it. Regardless, here is a version that should work as a template for further changes: FSU-Cloud

Some important details:

  1. MovieList is a variable (shown by $) that gets its value in the code in the setMovieList routine. Which file is loaded as the conditions file now depends on the participant number. Therefore, the warning in the settings of the loop is not important.
  2. To make sure that all necessary resources are loaded, you can go to “Experiment settings” → “Online” → “Additional resources” and enter all files you know the experiment will need. This is important in scenarios where the experiment is not able to correctly deduct from your code, which files are necessary.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you very much Ajus, appreciate your time a lot and will let you know when the experiment works (at least on my pc :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Have a nice night!

Beste wishes,