Praat unable to open WAVs from online experiment

PsychoPy 2023.2.3
OS MacOS Sonoma 14.0
Standard Stanalone installation

Trying to run an experiment online that uses the Mic to collect short recordings (36 recordings of less than 20 seconds each). Sampling rate is 48kHz. It’s working great, and I have updated the JS to save WAVs rather than WEBMs.

I can not open the files in Praat (error message below). Quicktime opens the files, but plays silence. Audacity opens them and plays them correctly.

I’ve ‘solved’ the issue in that I discovered that opening in Audacity and then exporting as WAV from there gives me a file I can open in Praat.

I am here to ask if anyone knows what is going on in Pavlovia/PsychoPy that causes this issue. This does not occur if running an experiment with mic in PsychoPy. Additionally, is there anything I could be doing to avoid this/get ahead of it OR a more expeditious was of correcting it than going through all the files in Audacity?

Thank you!