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Playing a video and an audio file simultaneously

I’m trying to make an auditory lexical decision task where the participant has to press a key after every word they listen.
I have .mp4 video files without sound and .wav audio files seperately. I also made an excel file with one column with the video names and another column with the corresponding audio that it should be played with.
I’m trying to insert a movie component and a sound component and I want them to play simultaneously. The file names for both of these components are the column headers in the excel file and the file itself is given as a condition in loop properties. The loop is inserted around this routine comprising of the two components.
But this does not seem to be working. When I run the experiment, a grey screen appears without any further progressing of the experiment.
What do I do to rectify this problem?

Dear Amora,

do you see an error message? Does the program compile? Do you plan to run the experiment on-line?

Why do you use a video-file for an auditory lexical decision experiment?

Bets wishes Jens

I’ve resolved the issue. Turns out the video had an attached audio to it that I did not know about, which is why the audio that I wanted to play simultaneously with the video was not playing. Once the attached audio is removed, it works perfectly fine.