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PIXI representation of stimulus unavailable

Description of the problem:

I have started to make my own experiment and I need to do it online. While testing it online, I have noticed an error: ‘‘PIXI representation of stimulus unavailable’’. While running experiment local, the error does not occur. How can I fix this?

Hi @Klara_Rapan, this usually happens when an image stim is trying to present an undefined image (e.g., no image is passed to the imagestim). Can you please provide a URL to your task?

Here it is.

Thanks @Klara_Rapan. The first issue is the use of a local path to your image file. ‘C:/PathToYourImage’ will not be found by the browser. The path to your file should be relative to the psyexp file. Also, looks like you have set your image to update on each frame, but it would make more sense to either keep a named image constant, or to update on each routine.

Thank you for your answer. Sorry, I am new to this, so I do not understand what is the other path - relative to the psyexp file?