Pilot token missing, and URL key creation, and video displaying blurry or too big

URL of experiment: ASL LTD2 [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem:

  1. I am having issues with an American Sign Language Lexical Decision Task. This is the message I got: “rortizterp/american-sign-language-lexical-decision-task is currently in PILOTING mode but the pilot token is missing from the URL.” I honestly don’t know what the pilot token is yet. Hense, why I haven’t rolled them out.

  2. I also see an orange banner that says: “You won’t be able to pull or push project code via SSH until you add an SSH key to your profile”. I haven’t learned how to create the key, yet.

  3. When I run the pilot, it shows the instructions and runs the task but I cannot see the video. It seems too big. I am not sure if its the monitor resolution display.


Hi Ricardo,

Hopefully the answers below answer each of your points!

  1. For this issue it looks like you are trying to use a “run” link when your task is in piloting mode. If you go to the dashboard of your experiment (in pavlovia.org > Dashboard > Experiments > ASL LTD2 you will see 3 large buttons “inactive”, “piloting” and “running” - if you select “piloting” that will activate a small orange button above it called “pilot” - you can click that to pilot the task. Once you have finished piloting you can change the task to “running” and that will activate the link you were trying to use before.
  2. The SSH key shouldn’t be a problem - so for most cases you can ignore that.
  3. Have you tried giving your movie a size in the movie component in builder? it might be that you need to make it smaller.

Hope this helps,

Hello Becca,

Thank you so much for your responses. They definitely help. I was able to run the experiment and see the videos by changing the resolution to 1366 X 768.

Now I am having a different issue. I run the experiment and answer multiple times and all of a sudden I get this message.
ASL LDT Cobsesion error message
All my videos are in the same format and were trimmed from the same original video. So I am not sure what’s happening. I tried:

  1. Verifying the file name and Excel spreadsheet and file path for spelling errors.
  2. Deleting and replacing the video.
  3. Allowing full permission to users.

But I continue having the same issue. I am trouble shooting as we speak. I hope I can find the answer soon. It seems to be the only problem so far before the rollout of the experiments. Thank you for helping.


Hi Ricardo,

Unknown resource errors occur when an additional resource such as a spreadsheet or image file hasn’t been made available to the experiment. This can either occur because the file couldn’t be found when requested, or because there was an attempt to use the file without downloading it first. See “Resources in online studies’’ for more information.

Thank you! I think this will help fix the issue. Not sure why it is happening since I have all the stimulus in one folder. It seems to locate some and not other movies. But I’ll read the documents you sent me and see if I find the answer there.

With gratitude,