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Pavlovia Plugin on JSPsych

Description of the problem:
Hi All,

I am successfully using the very nice pavlovia plugin for JSPsych.
So in my JSPsych code I only minimally have to bother about where to store the data because the pavlovia plugin will return them all in a nice .csv! that is great!
However, as in the demonstration, the data are stored when the pavlovia finish variable is pushed to the timeline.
What I am trying to do is to collect interaction data of the participant with the browser. These are usually collected as an on_finish event in the JsPsych init code.
Supposedly my code in JSPsych to collect them is working but I cannot see the data in the CSV because I think the csv file is already sent to the server and closed.

Are you aware of a way to collect this data and input them in the csv that comes out from the pavlovia plugin?

Many thanks,