Pavlovia - passing variables via URL creates unwanted input field

Description of the problem:

I am running an experiment pipeline starting from Prolific. Then participants are directed to a qualtrics survey, followed by a task via pavlovia and then another qualtrics survey. I want to record the three identifier variables prolific produces, i.e. participant ID (PROLIFIC_PID), study ID (STUDY_ID), and session ID (SESSION_ID).

I have already tested that these three variables are correctly passed from the beginning to the end and correctly recorded.

The problem is in the initialization of the psychopy task. The experiment was constructed via the builder with added code snippets. From the experiment settings I am asking for 3 input variables at the start of the experiment (participant, study, & session) and under screen settings “Fullscreen” is ticked.

When I am redirected from the first qualtrics survey I am greeted with the input page as shown in the attached picture. The three variables I defined are not there anymore (and I have confirmed that they are read in correctly).

This creates two problems:

  1. There is an unwanted input field that I did not define. I want to remove this.
  2. As a consequence, the full screen mode is not triggered when psychopy estimates the screen size. Rather than the real screen resolution I am getting a slightly smaller Y-value. The difference in the Y-resolution corresponds to the height of the browser tabs.

I hope anyone can help me solve this problem!