Pavlovia not recognizing the software platform

URL of experiment: Pavlovia

Description of the problem: I’m currently trying to pilot an experiment but Pavlovia can’t recognize a platform, and is giving me a 403 Forbidden error. I’m not sure what to do about this or how to fix it, does anyone have any pointers?

Hi @awilkinson20,

clicking on “View code” on the pavlovia page of your experiment, you can see that there is no .js file in the repository. This is why the platform can not be detected. Make sure to compile a .js file from the builder before syncing to pavlovia.


Understood, thank you very much! My only problem is that I have made my program in the coder instead of the builder. Are there any quick tools to convert the program into a .js for Pavlovia?

I am afraid that PsychoPy-to-PsychoJS-conversion is only available in the builder. But I suspect you are not the first person to encounter this problem. So maybe you find a workaround somewhere in the forum. Good luck with that! Adrian.

The reason it’s one-way like this is that Builder doesn’t necessarily convert from Python to JS - it uses a .psyexp file of routines, components, parameters, etc. to write code, and can write that code in either Python or in JS.

There are several Python packages (such as metapensiero) which can attempt to translate from Python to JS, but both languages have a lot of subtleties and will differ according to what modules you’re importing, so none of these are perfect.

If possible, it’s best to recreate your experiment in Builder if you’re running online.