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Pavlovia Experiment Crashing/Restarting partway through

URL of experiment:
Description of the problem:
I am helping @Mirthe to setup and run her experiment online and we have run into an issue where the experiment sometimes crashes/restarts. I haven’t been able to replicate the issue on my home and work PCs but this issue has happened on multiple laptops @Mirthe has tried, usually at a different point in the experiment.

The developer console in chrome says the cause is a 404 error but I am not sure where to look next. Some guidance would be greatly appreciated. @Mirthe will be active if you require additional information.

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It sounds like either a memory leak due to each frame updates or an issue with downloading large sound or video files.

Hi, I isolated and fixed a memory leak in PsychoJS platform version 2020.1 which might also have caused your issues, see:

Note that I fixed it only for TextStim and ImageStim so far. So if any other stimulus is causing your issues, you might apply it to the respective stimulus in an analogeous way. (Although I hope that it will be fixed within the PsychoJS library for all visual stimuli).

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