Participant matching to use id

I need your help.

When a participant enters a participant’s ID (for example, four numbers), I want to create an experiment to produce stimuli with the participant’s ID.

How can I manipulate this part in the builder?

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You can access the participant id using


Thank you very much for your quick reply.

But I don’t know where the sentence is.

Do I have to use the code?


it will depend how you are using the participant ID.

If for example you are showing a text stimulus that shows the participant ID, you can use a ‘code as argument’ directly in the text field (i.e. enter $expInfo['participant'] and ‘set every repeat’ in the text field). If you are doing something more complex then you add a code component and use the variable there.


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Now I understand!

Thank you for your help!! :smiley:

No problemo! Happy PsychoPying!