.overlaps() fail with rectangles

Hi There I’m trying to use the overlap command. But it sometimes fails in squares [image attached].

I wrote a code [attached] based on the distance between the centers of the squares and their medians. But unfortunately he also failed.

def SquaresOverlaps(a, b):
    # positon of two squares
    aPos = a.pos
    bPos = b.pos
    # sizes of two squ
    aSize = a.size
    bSize = b.size
    # the 0.5 Median length of two squ
    aMed = ((aSize[0]**2+aSize[1]**2)**0.5)*0.5
    bMed = ((bSize[0]**2+bSize[1]**2)**0.5)*0.5
    # the distance between a pos and b pos
    distance = ((aPos[0]-bPos[0])**2)+((aPos[1]-bPos[1])**2)
    # defining if a is ovelaping b
    if distance >= aMed+bMed:
        return False
        return True

I would be happy for your help in solving the problem, thanks!

to fix this problem i just used 2 functions (overlaps and SquaresOverlaps) that cover each other from fails.