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Order of Trials for Simon Arrow Task

URL of experiment: simon_arrows1 [PsychoPy]

PsychPy v 2021.1.4
macOS Big Sur , version 11.2.3

Description of the problem:
I have replicated a simon arrow task that currently works online with Pavlovia.

For this task, there is a practice routine and 2 test routines.

The test routines use the “Simon_ Stimuli.xlsx” conditions file, which contains 6 conditions (incongruent left, incongruent right, congruent left, congruent right, neutral left, neutral right; 10 trials per condition). 60 trials total.

I am currently presenting the trials in a random order. I would like to prevent 3 or more trials from the same condition appearing consecutively. How can I do this in a way that will work for online testing with Pavlovia?

I have looked up “pseudorandomization” and “trials without repetition” in the discourse, but I was not able to understand or apply the responses. I am not experienced with code.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.

You could have an inner loop with 2 reps set to Full Random pointing at the spreadsheet and then an outer loop with 5 reps.

(or edit the spreadsheet to have two copies of each condition and have 5 reps set to Random)