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Online task no longer available, suddenly stuck on "loading experiment..."

Hi everyone,

we had a simple line-bisection task online (PsychoPy version 3.1.0) and started to acquire data (and accomplished about 30 datasets), but suddenly the task/server/?? wasn’t longer accessible.

[Asking a colleague of mine, he told me, some of his experiments weren’t available on Thursdays and Fridays - his guess was server maintenance… Are there timeslots for server maintenance on a regular basis?]

So I tried

  • re-upload
  • change name and upload again
  • delete the project and (re-)upload (with same and different names)
  • upload (different name) and rename it

(and all kind of weird things…)

but, no success at all…

Has anyone any idea? Can anybody help me?
Thanks in advance

Why isn’t it possible to change the size and the position of a slider-component on every repeat via
If I try, following error occurs:
self.labelHeight = labelHeight or min(self._size)
TypeError: ‘float’ object is not iterable

Hi @weberbe, would you be able to share the URL of the task?

I’m not aware of anything that would cause problems on Thursdays and Fridays. When we do need to restart the server for maintenance purpose this has typically been for very brief periods.

As for the error message, is it possible that you’re trying to set a size to be a single value? A slider needs a 2-value size for the width and height of the slider

Hi @dvbridges, sorry for the delay

Hi @jon,

*server maintenance: Thanks for the information - confirmed my assumption

*slider: I can initially set the size or the position of a slider by passing a variable (e.g. s_size=(.75,.01) or pos_xy=(.35,-.25)), but…

…if I try to change the size on every repeat, the error occurs

…if I try to change the position on every repeat, no error message, but the slider is drawn on position (0, 0) every repeat