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Online repository/library for PsychoPy experiments and code/script sharing?


Is it possible to create an online repository (maybe Github?) where PsychoPy users can share/download experiments (either created using builder or coder)?

PsychoPy is an amazing app (I’ve been using coder for a few years) and I think more people will use it if there are ready-made and customizable scripts—especially for classic experiments like Stroop, Posner. For example, Inquisit has an amazing library of experiments. Maybe the PsychoPy community should have something similar?


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Yes! It will be released in the summer! As well as supporting the sharing of studies we’ll use it to enable_running_ studies online.

We’re currently looking for a name for the server


That’s amazing, Jon! Thanks!

Curious if there was any update on this. I’m just starting to get started with PsychoPy and an experiment database seems incredibly helpful!

Yes, it’s
It only launched in the summer but here are a few studies there

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If I’m not mistaken, aren’t they only studies that have also been converted into html? I’m wondering whether people can post studies that have only been coded in Python (presumably, not in Builder and therefore not easily amenable to html). That could still be useful maybe!