Online recruitment: Ebbinghaus Darts

If you are 18-45 and physically fit enough to stand on a chair, you might like to try the game I’ve been working on as my “in at the deep end” foray into Pavlovia called Ebbinghaus Darts. The pre CV-19 version of this experiment was going to involve real darts and standing on a wall. Invitation paragraph below, posted on behalf of Eunice Gachura. Feel free to take a look but please don’t use up my study credits unless you are going to do it properly.

“I am a Psychology student at Oxford Brookes University carrying out research for my final year project and I am inviting you to take part in my research, to know if how you feel changes how well you can do a task.

It has been established that our emotional states alters one’s ability to achieve certain goals during a task and thus affects our performance. This impact has been greatly researched with little focus on emotional regulating mechanisms. Therefore this study will focus on determining the impact of an individual’s regulating mechanism and the perceived effect on their performance.

This online task will involve a short questionnaire and target game. Everything will take approximately 15 -20 minutes to complete.

Please follow the link to view the participant information sheet and take part. You will firstly be directed to the questionnaire then a second link at the end of the questionnaire will direct you to the target game.

If you have any questions then please contact the researcher Eunice Gachura by emailing