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Online data bug - loop list name error

Hi, I run my study online and find the data file showed a error list. 42
Above is a example, the list should show different image name (that’s actually experiment did) however, it seems it only showed the first image name and repeated for the rest of the list. Good thing is it record answer (the .corr) correctly.
I guess this is the bug you need to deal with?
Fortunately, I use loopType sequential, so I can know the image list according to the order. But if I use random, I think will be a big problem then.
BTW, I use 3.00b9 build this experiment, and the list file is a .xlsx file.

Hi @Chengyang, this was fixed in the most recent release of PsychoPy. I suggest updating your version to 3.0.0b11.