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No seamless image transition online?

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Description of the problem:

On each trial of my experiment, image stimuli are briefly presented for 150ms each (about 80 images in total). Offline, the images change seamlessly with no time-gaps in between them. However, online, the images almost flash up on the screen, like there’s a tiny millisecond of no image between each one.

I realise that this may be something that can’t be fixed. However, I wanted to check, as I worry that the flashing of the images might make children feel sick or trigger an epilepsy seizure. I may have to scrap the online version of the experiment if this is the case.

Thank you!

Instead of using separate image components you could change the image using .setImage() for a single component. That should remove the blank.

Thank you for your reply.
I’ve never used .setImage() before, and couldn’t find examples of how to use it when searching online. Is it possible to precisely time when an image is shown during the trial using setImage()? How would I go about doing this?

Thank you!