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No module named 'openexp'

Hi everyone, I have added some code to my experiment and i got this error message, (No module named ‘openexp’), can anyone help me?

It suggests you’ve tried to import a module called openexp but that module isn’t installed. It isn’t a PsychoPy module so you’d have to ask the person that wrote the code what openexp is.

Hi jon, thanks a lot. yes that’s right. it’s a module name but i don’t know how to add this module.

Yes, again, you’d need to find out what the moduel is used for. I’m afraid I’ve never heard of it, so I suggest you speak to whoever wrote the script for you

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And once you’ve figured that out, you can access it from within PsychoPy like this:

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Thanks a lot for your attention, the actual problem is figuring that out :smile: