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Multiple random location + toch + Double confirmation

i need to do a fairly complex task and i have no idea to how to do it . Maybe I’ll be able to do some parts of it But I am totally confused
Well, the description of Task :

A number of cards are displayed on the screen
The location is random but the cards are not placed on top of each other
Behind one of the cards is a symbol and behind the rest is empty
And when the subject clicks on the card, Behind it is displayed and remains until the subject clicks elsewhere.
Some symbols are the target and some are not
an icon of the target symbol are in the corner of the screen
And the subject should click on the icon in the corner of the screen after finding the target symbol behind of the cart
At this time, the subject receives a kind of feedback, such that a bar next to the target icon will increase
The important point is that after this process the card with the symbol behind it will be empty and will never be filled again.
This time the symbol will be placed behind one of the cards that were previously empty
So the subject should find it again
After each successful attempt, the bar next to the target symbol increases until it is completely filled
It is clear that the number of successful attempts is equal to the number of carts

Hi @Emindor, it would be useful to see what you have done so far. If you could post your progress, then we can help.