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Multiple dependent variable permutations with many levels

What is the recommended way to acquire trialTypes.xlsx file if I have 5 DIs each of them having 6 to 14 levels, which gives hundreds of possible combinations in total ?
Do I have to write them down manually, or is there a way to perform sampling without repetitions in code? What happened to ?

What do you mean by “DIs”? Do you mean IVs (independent variables)?

If you had 5 variables, each of them having 6 to 14 levels, and you wanted to draw a different random combination of these variables for every participant, you could write a script (using numpy.random functions) which draws the combination for every participant before you start the experiment. For every participant you could draw until you get a combination, which differs from the combination you drew for preceding participants.

Then in your experiment, you could read the trial types for this participant from the file, depending on the index of your participant (in a list of all participants).