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Multi-touch from Wacom Trackpad?

Dear everyone,
i already searched this forum and found some interesting topics, but I am still not sure if it is possible to get multi-touch coordinates from two fingers via a trackpad? Specifically, I would like to use our “WACOM Intuos Pro” tablet, which is multi-touch able.

here (Touchscreen monkey experiment - how to allow multi-touch?) someone writes, multi-touch isn’t implemented in psychopy at all. perhaps this changed in the last two years…

also I found the solution from becca for touch-displays (sorry, can’t show link because I am a new user). her example works on my phone, but not on my trackpad or wacom tablet.

i also looked into the suggestions here: Touchscreen and monkey participants - #2 by Michael, the first one is, as far as I understood, only applicable for the “raspberry-touch-screen”. and using pygame, I did not understand how to fetch the positions of 2 touch-coordinated…

maybe someone could shed some light on this?

and maybe it would be helpful for you guys to know exactly what I want to to: there are 2 starting-regions for each index finger one, and two further target-regions, approx. 4-5 cm from the starting regions apart. when the go-signal appears, the participants have to react with either left, or right, finger and move to the target-regions, tap it, and move back. and I want to measure the reaction time (release of finger) and movement duration (tap on target-region - release time). could I implement such a task with psychopy?