MovieStim3 filename with multiple video stimuli

My problem: I have a design that uses different movies in each trial. I am using a trialHandler to organize this. I have a list of dictionaries to load my movie stimuli to be randomly selected in each trial. I still have the issue of what is loaded into the filename parameter of MovieStim3 to visual the movie, given that it is randomly selected.

What I’ve tried: I have tried loading the path to the folder without specifying a movie. I have also tried leaving it empty, which does not work. I also tried linking it to my list of dictionaries that contains the paths to the movies. This also did not work.

Below is the code for reference.

movieList = ['mov1', 'mov2', 'mov3']

movieStim = []
for movie in movieList:

    if movie == 'mov1':
        moviePath = 'C:/path/movie1.mp4'
    elif movie == 'mov2':
        moviePath = 'C:/path/movie2.mp4'
        moviePath = 'C:/path/movie3.mp4'

    movieStim.append({'movie': moviePath})

trials = data.TrialHandler(movieStim, 2, method='random')

experiment_window = visual.Window(size=(800, 600), winType='pyglet', fullscr=False, screen=0, monitor='testMonitor', color="black", colorSpace='rgb')

screen_movie = visual.MovieStim3(experiment_window, filename='C:/path/')

I greatly appreciate any suggestions or solutions.