Mouse response not being recorded & core.quit issue

URL of experiment: (the experiment is public and is running on a license, so no credit worries here!) You must enter a value for dex2px_x and deg2px_y. Entering 30 for both of these is usually a safe bet (stimuli size are dependent on these).

Description of the problem: On the first screen, participants have to click on Yes or No depending on whether they can see 4 boxes. If participants say no, they are booted from the experiment (core.quit) and are redirected to Sona for credit. The problem is their response isn’t being recorded (I’m getting blank Excel sheets) and I’m not sure why. I’ve also had a few participants say they haven’t received credit (even when they clicked ‘Ok’ on the message box to be redirected…I’m not sure if this is a Pavlovia issue or Sona). It’s difficult to determine if they clicked No or just didn’t do the experiment because the data file is blank either way.

If participants click Yes, the experiment continues to the end. The data file shows the initial mouse click only if participants go through the rest of the instructions screens (if they click on Yes and the experiment continues and they immediately quit, the data file is blank).

Ideally, I’d like to add a text stimuli telling them they’ll be booted and redirected to Sona if they click on No, but I’m not sure how to do this so it only shows in that case. (This isn’t a huge concern if it’s difficult to do).

Thank you!!