Missing header in Form

I think my form has headers, but it keeps reminding me. I have tried using the [.csv] format, but it still doesn’t work.

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Looks like the form spreadsheet doesn’t have a header called ‘itemText’

By default the form component will expect a spreadsheet with the following info:
form-items.xlsx (13.2 KB)

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Thank you very much :laughing:, I run successfully. I have another question. Can I change Figure 1 into the pattern of Figure 2?


Hi There - pleased this helped - which is Figure 2 sorry?

Figure 2:The base is white grid

I think that to implement a drop down menu online you’d need to use an embedded html form. I have a demo for this, as does Thomas Pronk who has a more sophisticated form.io method.

I tried to do it, but unfortunately I was not successful. Can you send me the demo, I will be very grateful to you!

Take a look at my demographics demo and my form to html app which will produce a dropdown if you have “choice” in your PsychoPy form csv file.

@thomas_pronk’s form.io demo is explained here.


thanks for your help!(^^)/ :laughing: