Microphone / sound capture issues

Hi all,

I’m trying to create an experiment in Psychopy Builder using sound capture (microphone). (On a Dell latitude 5580 laptop, running Windows 10 Home and Psychopy v.3.2.4)

However, when I run the experiment, the participant window briefly appears, but before anything else happens, it closes again and nothing else happens.
There are no error messages. The only output shown is the following:

pygame 1.9.4
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The same problem occurs when running the sound capture demo provided with psychopy, so I’m assuming it’s not a specific problem to my programming.
The hardware preferences were as in the attached picture. Changing around the order of audio libraries does not help.

Any suggestions are much appreciated



Some additional testing suggests that the problem is due to some weird interaction between a USB MIDI interface and the microphone handling. Whenever the USB MIDI interface is not connected to the laptop, the sound capture works fine, but if I connect the USB MIDI interface, the program crashes without error report. The crash seems to be located at the line “microphone.switchOn()”

I’m using the USB MIDI interface to control an additional audio processor via MIDI messages using the mido library. Could there be an easier way to avoid this interaction and still both capture sound as well as send MIDI messages to the USB interface? Perhaps I should use another library that to generate and send the MIDI messages?

Hi Matthias,

I am wondering if you have been able to resolve this issue. I am recording participants’ oral responses during the task, but have had trouble with Mac laptops (the wav file is generated, but it’s empty). Our lab is buying Dell Latitude laptops, I was wondering if you are able to capture microphone output on Dell.