Microphone component with errors on Mac (permissions)

Dear Jon,

I’m wondering if there is anything that we need to do to adjust the microphone settings when we get this error?

Some have found their wav files are empty. My picture naming task can run and capture wav files, but it will often freeze mid experiment. Never can I run the experiment three times in a row without a crash. It’s very strange. Yet other experiments requiring a verbal response with the same audio library, microphone, etc., can run successfully without issue.

I’ve documented the issue here: Saving trial-level audio output in real time

I’ve tried using all different kinds of microphones, adjusting the frequency range, changing the audio library, opening PsychoPy within the terminal. I continue to get the same error.

||PaMacCore (AUHAL)|| Error on line 520: err=‘‘what’’, msg=Unspecified Audio Hardware Error

Any input would be much appreciated.