macOS loses Pavlovia CSV data folder name

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:
After downloading CSV data from Pavlovia. On Windows, the folder name of the downloaded data is useful. On Mac the folder name is “data”.

Data download (as CSV files) from Pavlovia works well, but there is a minor glitch. When my friend Sarah Waugh downloads her data on her Windows 10 computer (and unpacks the zip file with right-click “extract all”) she gets a folder whose name includes the experiment name and date of data collection. That’s helpful. When I download similar data on my Mac, I get a zip file whose name include the experiment name and the download date, but when I unpack (with the default macOS app “Archive Utility”) I get a folder called “data”. Ugh.

The data are fine. My complaint is just that, on my Mac, the data folder name is generic. There aren’t any relevant options in “Archive Utility”. It is possible that a minor change in how Pavlovia packs its archive would make it fully compatible with BOTH Windows and Mac?