MacOs 10.15.7 and bugs in PsychoPy 2020.2.5

I’m using MacBook Pro running OS 10.15.7 and the newest version of PsychoPy (2020.2.5). In PsychoPy 2020.2.5 there seems to be at least two bugs. One has been around for awhile. When starting PsychoPy its icon appears in the Doc and the File-menu also appears but only with two options, Hide and Quit, but no window opens. To run PsychoPy I’ve to click on the icon in the Doc AND move the cursor out of the icon.

The second bug is more problematic. If an error occurs the message are nowhere visible. The only message are info about the name of the file I’m running displayed in the Runner window. In the previous version the error message where displayed in the Runner window which is very annoying when using only one monitor. It is very bad not to have the output at the bottom of the main window as in the older versions.

The third problem is that sometimes when starting PsychoPy no window appears, but only a small strip at the left edge of my screen and I’ve to drag this strip into the screen and then it is possible to make the window visible.

It seems that the script has to be sent to the Runner window to make the error report visible. But, unfortunately, it appears only in the Runner window.

I’ve tested the above hypothesis several times using a “script” with only one command: print ‘Hello world’. I left the () out to create the error. When running this script directly from Coder, the name of the script appears in the Runner window but no error message. If I now run it from the Runner window, no error message are displayed. If I then go to Coder and choose to send the script to the Runner window and subsequently run it from there, the relevant error message are displayed in the Runner window. If I now go to Coder and run the script directly from there, the error message are displayed in the Runner window. Furthermore, after the error messages start to be displayed, errors from other scripts are also displayed. But if I quit PsychoPy and start it again, I’ve to go though the same process.

I do hope this bug will be eliminated quite soon and that the error message will be displayed at its old and very easily accessible place, at the bottom of the Coder window!!!