Lots of Issues with Pavlovia

Hello, I am having a ton of issues getting my experiments to run on Pavlovia. Things that weren’t an issue with older versions of PsychoPy are now causing bugs. For example, I was getting an error “cannot assign read only property.” This type of error is usually associated with problems in a spreadsheet, but all of mine were fine. I remade them in multiple formats, and that never helped. What ended up being my solution was to delete my outer loop that randomized my blocks. The same exact structure worked perfectly for me before. Additionally, I have not been able to use any kind of end loop codes, regardless of the fact that the new versions were supposed to fix that. I am also getting an error with compiling the script on the newest version of PsychoPy. I currently have 3 different computers (Macs) with different versions of PscyhoPy, and nothing seems to work the way it used to. I am at a total loss and really need this to work for my dissertation research. Please help!!! Thank you in advance, Taylor.

Hi Taylor,

Sorry to hear you are experiencing this. Please could you send us a link to the project you are having issues with so that we can investigate a bit more?


Have you looked at my crib sheet?

Unless you are looking to hire someone to help, then you probably need to break down your issues into more manageable chunks.