Loop export to html

I am using Psychopy 3.0.0b4 on Mac Sierra 10.13.6. When I export the loop into HTML format, for some reason, it doesn’t export (e.g. there are functions in javascript file for routines, but not for loops). Thank you!

Thanks @agleontyev, would you be able to provide the Builder file and JS output? Perhaps you could upload to https://pavlovia.org/ and I can have a look from there

Hi @agleontyev, this is a bug that will be fixed in the next release. If you want to fix before the next release, add the following to your psychopy/experiment/_experiment.py file at line 120:

self._compileLoop = True  # Must update on every compile else always False after first writeScript

This is fixed in 3.0.0b6 available now

thank you so much ( I am very slow with my responses)

No problem @agleontyev. Btw there are new releases being made regularly, so best to check for most recent release.