jsPsych.data.getInteractionData() not working with Pavlovia

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Description of the problem:
For an online study, I am trying to save the interaction data so that I can determine when participants leave the browser tab using the getInteractionData() function. (jsPsych.data - jsPsych)
Example implementation from jsPsych:

var interaction_data = jsPsych.data.getInteractionData();
// log data to console in json format

The example implementation does not seem to work with Pavlovia (nothing gets added to the final CSV) and I have not been able to find a solution that does work. In my index.html file, I currently have it like this:
var interaction_data = jsPsych.data.getInteractionData();
jsPsych.data.addProperties({intData: interaction_data});
In the output CSV, every row of data looks like this: [object Object]
If anyone has any suggested ways to access the interaction data, your help will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!