Jspsych 6.2.0 in pavlovia?

My experiment runs fine in pavlovia with jspsych 6.1.0 libraries in the header but not 6.2.0. Any plans to update? There are some useful new features in 6.2.0 - particularly the “response_allowed_while_playing” parameter for audio/video plugins.

Hey Pammi,

What kind of errors are you getting?

Thanks Thomas. When I run my script locally with “response_allowed_while_playing” set to “false”, the response buttons are greyed out until the stimulus is finished. But they are not greyed out in pavlovia.

I thought that maybe the reason that feature doesn’t work in pavlovia is that it is new to jspsych 6.2 and only the 6.1 libraries are available in lib/vendors/. Hope that makes sense - I’m new to this.

That makes sense. You could include the jspsych 6.2.0 JS files in your repo and reference to those in the index.html. As an example, see how I include jspsych-pavlovia-2020.2-filter.js in this experiment: https://gitlab.pavlovia.org/tpronk/jsPsych_SimpleReactionTime