Issue with Pylink doDriftCorrect for Eyelink - keypress not detected

I’m having an issue with the Pylink library in PsychoPy, which we are using to control an EyeLink 1000 system.

In our experiment, we need to run a drift correct routine between trials. I’m using the following code to control the EyeLink:

error = getEYELINK().doDriftCorrect(pos[0], pos[1], 0, 0)

This initiates the drift correct, but it won’t accept an “Enter” or “Space” key by the user. It will accept an “Enter” or “Space” keypress on the Eyelink Host PC, but I need the user (on the Display PC) to be able to press their keyboard to confirm.

It’s strange because the Eyelink calibration will accept key presses normally:


Is this a known issue, or does anyone have advice on how to fix it?

Thanks, appreciate any help!


After talking with SR Research, this was solved by updating my Pylink library.

The version based on their: “” script fixes the problem.