Issue running online experiment from SONA; frameDur not defined

URL of experiment: socialanxietydiss [PsychoPy]

My experiment runs fine from the Pavlovia dashboard however I set it up today within a larger experiment (for my undergraduate dissertation) and have run into an error. The study runs from SONA → Qualtrics → Pavlovia → Qualtrics → SONA (for credit granting) and I have modified URLs so that participant ID is transferred between each platform. However when my Pavlovia experiment loads from Qualtrics it gives this error message after the ‘all resources downloaded’ screen.

I am a complete newbie when it comes to using Psychopy/Pavlovia so have no idea what this means. Any help would be greatly appreciated - my degree rests on it :joy: :tired_face:

@bloxham99 , this error usually means that when you uploaded your task from PsychoPy to Pavlovia, PsychoPy found an error when compiling the JS. Did you receive an error in the Runner window when you sync your task?

@dvbridges This is the only error message I can find:

||PaMacCore (AUHAL)|| Error on line 406: err=’’!dat’’, msg=Audio Device: Unsupported Format

The strange thing is it has run fine in the past, so why would this only appear now?

I am not sure why you would suddenly get that error, unless you had an OS update and something changed? You do have some JS files in your main project folder that seemed to have compile ok.

@dvbridges Added var frameDur to my script and got rid of that error but I have a new one. No idea what’s gone wrong.

Yes, when the compile fails, all variables fail to be declared, so you will keep getting new errors pop up if you declare the variable that is causing the error. I just compiled your experiment in version 2020.2.10 and everything was ok apart from a compile error that seemed to originate from your redirectURL in experiment settings. I removed the $ sign from the string, and the compile went ok. Give that a try and let me know.

I manually transferred the variables over from the main project JS into the html folder JS and it runs fine. Should I still remove the $ if it runs fine (I only sat through it for 30 seconds or so) or was this an error that came up later?

Ok if it works then carry on :slight_smile: