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ioHub + mouse polling at high rates

Hi all,

I want to record mouse cursor movements in an experiment with the iohub-module. I am familiar with the way keyboard events are recorded with it and would like to circumvent the timing restriction set by our 60 Hz monitor. The mice in use go up to 1kHz polling rate. If I understand the process correctly, only changes in x-y coordinates, clicks, etc. are returned by mouse.getEvents() while it returns empty if the cursor does not move. While this is kind of convenient, I wonder whether it is possible to poll the mouse position at the rate of the device/OS and write each x-/y-coordinate into a variable with iohub. The variable will contain a lot of redundant information when mouse does not move, but my further data processing is currently customized for this kind of data structure.

Does someone have any experience with that? The documentation for the mouse device is rather incomplete atm :-)-

Any help is appreciated!