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InternalError: too much recursion (mobinmr7)

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Description of the problem:
Hi community members,
There’s also a similar topic in the forum (by Zhale) but I couldn’t find the solution to my problem after reading that.

This experiment consists of 14 routines and except for the first routine, which is the welcome routine, all the other 13 are in one loop. The experiment runs perfectly in PsychoPy, but when I try to run it in Pavlovia, after being presented the first routine (‘welcome’) and the second routine (the first routine in the loop) I receive the following error :

Unfortunately we encountered the following error:
InternalError: too much recursion
Try to run the experiment again. If the error persists, contact the experiment designer.

I guess the error might be due to the high number of routines to be looped. Also, there are 28 conditions and 18 parameters in the condition file.
Moreover, I inserted a code asking the program to skip the cells that include the word “blank” in the conditions file and placed it in Begin Routine.
Please lemme know if I should provide more information.
I appreciate your help.

You say it works offline?

Are you using elements which don’t translate well such as .thisN?

Yes it does. It works properly on Psychopy.
I just read your useful Python to JS crib sheet. I searched for the elements you proposed on pp 13 and 14, but didn’t find any of them in the Js file.
However, I’m using slider (radio style) in every other routines. There are two labels; 1. “True” and 2. “False”. Would it be problematic?
I’m using PsychoPy v2021.1.4, if it helps.

Does it look like it’s failing on the first routine with a slider?

If so, try disabling the slider in that routine to confirm.

Sliders can work online, but do have issues (fewer in the latest versions). You might find my interactive slider demo useful.

Also, take a look at the code here InternalError: too much recursion in case there are any similarities with your code.

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Yes exactly. It failed on the first routine with a slider. However, I removed all the sliders, but I still face the same error. I also read the the topic you sent me (InternalError: too much recursion), but couldn’t find anything similar to my experiment. I don’t have any def element in my experiment.

And when I ran it on Chrome I received the following error:

  • RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded

Do you have any components ending on an underscore?

I had put an underscore at the end of some components. I changed them, and everything is fine now.
Thank u so much.
I do appreciate your help :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: