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Integrating Psychopy with MAX

Hi all. I am totally new to Psychopy and Python programming. For my experiment I need to be able to manipulate vibration properties (Hz) of my hardware and for that I plan to use MAX (at

My question:

Can I integrate Psychopy with MAX and if yes, can you please share examples of the code.

If not possible, can I manipulate vibration properties of my hardware directly in Psychopy?

Thank you!

Hi, you will have the best luck if you ask this question at the cycling74 support forum, but pose it in terms of whether Max has a Python API or some other way of interacting with Python. i.e. this question isn’t specific to PsychoPy.

If it can be achieved with Python, then it should also be achievable within a PsychoPy-based Python script. Come back to us once you have more details.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your reply. Really appreciate it as need to resolve this asap for my PhD project. MAX does have Python API but as I have limited knowledge of Python I would appreciate any examples of integrating external software with Psychopy. At the same time, may be I do not need any integration if Psychopy can do everything… Does someone know if I can manipulate my hardware (specifically frequency of the speaker) using Psychopy?

Thank you!


Can you provide a link to that information? Ideally it would just be a matter of installing that Python library, importing it at the top of your PsychoPy script, and then calling its functions as required. But we really need to see their documentation to provide any more useful advice.

Thank you! Here is the link to their documentation:

Is this enough or I can try and dig in to more details?

Thank you again!


I’m confused. To my eye, that looks like an API for a completely different product (3DS Max) from a different company (AutoDesk) and that has a different purpose (3D modelling rather than controlling external hardware).

Hi Michael,

My apologies, I sent you the wrong information. The MAX forum is not very responsive to my questions but I searched and found many inquiries online regarding integrating python with MAX. For example, these: and this:

I cannot find the official documentation covering this topic, unfortunately.

Do you think it would be possible to control my hardware using Psychopy only, so I do not have to integrate it with MAX?

Thank you,