Insert routine window moving when scrolling through routine flow


I’m experiencing an annoying (but not detrimental) bug when using the builder: I noticed that when I try to add a routine (Experiment → Insert routine in flow) the routine list will open on a location dependent on how far I scrolled through my routine flow.

For example, when I’m at the start of my experiment it will open above the “Insert Routine” button where it is supposed to. If I scroll a bit further to the right it will open a bit to the left on my other monitor. If I scroll to the end of my paradigm then the routine list will actually open 2 monitors further to the left. While rather funny at first it becomes frustrating when reorganizing a larger paradigm.

Any suggestions on how I can get the routine list to stop moving to other screens?

While I’m not able to directly help your issue, it sounds like you may be creating more routines than you need. Where possible reuse the same routines in your flow and better still use loops to repeat them.

For example, a sequence of instructions screens can be one routine with the instruction text itself in a spreadsheet.

The conditions in my paradigm have to run the tasks slightly different (rather than e.g. different stimuli).
I could definitely have optimized this by having 1 routine do different things based on a condition variable, but I figured its easier to trouble shoot by simply having a different routine for each condition.

Either way, it is odd that the location of the routine window seems to depend on the scroll-bar of the routine flow.

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