Incorrect responses logged as correct and assign a code to a specific error

Hi everyone, I’m trying to realize a Posner task and I have 2 problems to solve.
In my task, the subject have to press the spacebar only when he see the stimulus and not when he see the cue. The problem is that if I press the spacebar before the stimulus, the task assign the number 1 to my response on excel (1= correct and 0= incorrect). I have tried various solutions but still gives me this error.
The second problem is that I want to assign a specific number to every specific errors on excel. For example, if I press another keypress, and not the spacebar, i want to see the number 2 on excel. If I forgot to press the spacebar, i want to see the number 3 and so on.
Thanks to anyone who will help me

Hello MTH,

It seems to me that you should set the start of your response-component to the same moment the target appears. If you check “Discard previous” keypresses before the response component is started, are discarded. If you allow only the “spacebar” as allowed key, no other key will work. For not-reacting you need some code, search the forum for feedback.

Best wishes Jens