I'm suddenly unable to run an experiment because of an Unknown Resource. I don't know how to fix it

URL of experiment: Job Ads Study Single Adj [PsychoPy]

Code: Sign in · GitLab

I am suddenly getting the following error:

Screen Shot 2021-10-28 at 1.50.43 PM

I thought it might be because of the space in the filename. I have updated it to be an underscore, but even after that I get the same error, and it actually doesn’t seem like it is looking for the file name with the underscore. Would appreciate any advice!

Hard to help when your experiment is not in running mode and can’t access the Gitlab repository.

This sounds like a similar issue that is discussed here:
https://discourse.psychopy.org/t/2021-2-3-bug-resources-not-loading/24712/2Okay. Are you using V2021.2.3?

I managed to get it working by creating a new repository, and removing “HTML” from the output path.